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You can verify I control this domain.
Even though this site is not a subdomain of, you can verify my control of this domain through Keybase.


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Edge Certificates

Cloudflare takes the pain out of managing public-facing TLS/SSL certificates

Cloudlfare will automatically issue publicly trusted TLS certificates for your website.

You will no longer need to purchase and/or issue publicly trusted certificates.

There are different ways to handle edge TLS

Cloudflare issues certs for free - Universal SSL
This mode is the best choice for most situations where you need only the apex domain and a single subdomain level. It works for *, but not *
Universal SSL Certificate
Advanced Certificate Manager
Advanced Certificate Manager lets you order custom certificates and is good for situations where you don’t want to use a wildcard certificate or if you have more than one level of subdomains. For example, it will work for when Universal SSL will not.
Advanced Certificate Manager
User uploads their own certs
User uploaded certificates (called certificate packs) enable customers to upload their own certificates. This is useful if you have EV certificates or certificates issued by your own CA.
Custom certificate