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You can verify I control this domain.
Even though this site is not a subdomain of, you can verify my control of this domain through Keybase.


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Cloudflare’s challenges stop bots and malicious clients in their tracks

Cloudflare’s firewall can challenge suspicious visitors to ensure that a higher percentage of traffic hitting your server is legitimate.

Challenge demos

Managed Challenge
Managed challenge is the future of challenges - each request is analyzed and an appropriate challenge is presented. This challenge reduces the number of CAPTCHAs visitors have to complete.
Managed challenge firewall rule
JS Challenge
JS Challenge is the classic “3 dots” challenge Cloudflare is famous for. It uses a Javascript analysis to slow down visitors and to validate their browser environment.
JS challenge firewall rule
Legacy Challenge (not recommend)
Legacy challenge is a old-school CAPTCHA challenge. It’s not recommended for most use cases.
Legacy challenge firewall rule